Introducing Moissanite!

Get ready to lighten up your fine jewelry collection (without killing your wallet) with Moissanite!

But... what is Moissanite?

Moissanite is naturally occuring silicon carbide and its various crystalline polymorphs. In other words, moissanite is a really good and smart alternative to diamonds. These gems with their perfect clarity and colour, maximum brilliance and fire are the best ethical alternatives to natural diamonds. These extremely impressive gems boast incredible brilliance and a rainbow of sparkles. 

On top of that, moissanite is the second hardest to diamonds. Based on rankings from 1 to 10, diamond is a 10 and moissanite is a 9.25 - 9.5, which means moissanite is a very durable, strong and long-lasting gemstone! A moissanite should last for your entire life without losing its appearance or becoming damaged. This gemstone does not get cloudy, it might get murky from daily wear (just like diamond if you don't clean it regularly), but it's nothing that won't wash away with a good cleaning.

And the best part of moissanite is the price advantage compare with natural diamonds. 

The moissanite collection we are introducing is an alternative option to natural diamonds (same sparkle, less pressure on the wallet), but if you think "diamonds are your forever best friend", we also offer to have the same design made with natural diamonds, because who doesn't like more options?

Let us know if you are open to try our moissanite collection or sticking with natural diamonds!


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