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"Minnie" three dimensional gold studs

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Handcrafted in 18k solid yellow gold, these studs in seven fun 3D shapes are so subtle yet playful! Look great if you have multiple piercings on one side (Yes we might get more piercings done, because of these studs!)

You can choose a pair or mix and match with different shapes, the choice is yours!

The price is for a single stud only, so if you want a pair of the same shapes, change the quantity to 2.

Please refer to the following details of each shape’s size and weight (please note, all the measurements are done by hands, there might be a slight difference with different measuring tools).

All studs come with a pair of 18k gold push backs and a pair of clear rubber push backs inserted with 18k yellow gold plate to secure.


  • 18k solid yellow gold

  • plane size 10mm x 8.8mm, single plane weight 0.62g

  • tear drop size 8mm x 4.8mm, single tear drop weight 0.16g

  • geometric star size 5.8mm x 5.8mm, singe star weight 0.14g

  • bow size 7.9mm x 4.8mm, single bow weight 0.17g

  • roundish star size 5.7mm x 5.7mm, single star weight 0.20g

  • moon size 4.7mm x 4.2mm, single moon weight 0.11g

  • heart size 5.4mm x 4.6mm, single heart weight 0.14g

  • ball size 4mm diameter, single ball stud weight 0.10g

  • push back