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Single 18k 3D Gold Stud

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All studs come with a pair of 18k gold push backs and a pair of clear rubber push backs inserted with 18k yellow gold plate to secure.

  • 18k solid yellow gold
  • plane size 10mm x 8.8mm, single plane weight 0.62g
  • tear drop size 8mm x 4.8mm, single tear drop weight 0.16g
  • geometric star size 5.8mm x 5.8mm, singe star weight 0.14g
  • diamond size 6.5mm x 4.5mm, single diamond shape stud weight 0.10g
  • roundish star size 4.8mm x 4.8mm, single star weight 0.11g
  • moon size 4.7mm x 4.2mm, single moon weight 0.11g
  • heart size 5.4mm x 4.6mm, single heart weight 0.14g
  • ball size 4mm diameter, single ball stud weight 0.10g
  • push back